New to come April-June

Hey everyone! Our programs have been developing a lot throughout the year, and we have some stuff to introduce in the remaining part of the 2013-2014 school year. First, some of the programs will have a tutorial video that will be published on the G.R.A.B. YouTube channel. We are still setting the videos and channel up, but when they come out, hopefully before June, they will be available by link only to people who sign up. Administrators will have access to most videos. Other improvements include website navigation, as well as some informative videos on what we do. Some minor changes to current pages and creation of new pages will also occur, according to the sectional information pages, which are what you click on or hover over when you go to one of the pages in the section. We are hoping that these improvements will do great things to help out victims, bystanders, bullies who want to change, and/or our helpful staff.