School is coming soon

Okay everyone, school is coming soon for millions of people around the US. We need to spread a little more awareness.
Quick. Share this page on your timelines, make it public, do whatever it takes. We need to get more awareness, and we can’t and will not unless we share the problems today related to bullying. First, we need to make sure that people have a way of knowing about bullying prevention. That’s where we come in. Next, we need to share that with as many people as possible to make sure the audience is big enough, which shouldn’t be too hard. Last, we need people just like you to help out. We are small, and don’t have everyone in the world helping out. You are one person. We have less than 50 people. How many people are on this planet? 7 billion? Let’s go ahead and have you share it. That would help a lot more. 50 people can’t do a lot. 7 billion can. Let’s do this.


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