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New to come April-June

Hey everyone! Our programs have been developing a lot throughout the year, and we have some stuff to introduce in the remaining part of the 2013-2014 school year. First, some of the programs will have a tutorial video that will be published on the G.R.A.B. YouTube channel. We are still setting the videos and channel up, but when they come out, hopefully before June, they will be available by link only to people who sign up. Administrators will have access to most videos. Other improvements include website navigation, as well as some informative videos on what we do. Some minor changes to current pages and creation of new pages will also occur, according to the sectional information pages, which are what you click on or hover over when you go to one of the pages in the section. We are hoping that these improvements will do great things to help out victims, bystanders, bullies who want to change, and/or our helpful staff.


Website Theme Design Changing

ATTENTION: On Friday, February 14 (Happy Valentine’s Day!!), the website will be undergoing some theme changing. The theme is listed at the bottom, and the one we have is currently not supported on mobile devices. Our goal is to increase flexibility by making G.R.A.B. a mobile device-compatible website. The websites going under this change are listed below:

G.R.A.B. North America

G.R.A.B. State Programs

G.R.A.B.’s Eye In The Sky!

The site will undoubtedly be a darker color, and not so much of a lighter color to conserve energy at your house by keeping pixels from working harder. To use Google like this, go to and use Google in the dark if you want. Like we said, the website will have a new theme on Friday, February 14, 2014 at midnight. Thank you.

Employee ID Cards 4.0

That’s right! We have been revolutionizing our Identification (ID) cards since their original deployment in late summer of 2012. We have had many different designs, many having the name, picture of person, and the basic information, as well as our seal approving our cards, but we are revolutionizing the cards. Everyone gets 1 card, unless you are higher in the pyramid. We are trying to get a special logo that will debut with the new cards. The card will have the following on it:

City, State (CNAME, SNAME)
Position(s) (P1NAME, P2NAME, P3NAME, etc.)
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
Picture of logo (GRAB_2014_1)
Name and meaning (G.R.A.B.: Get Rid of All Bullying)
Contact information in company QR format (name, city, state, position(s), etc.)
Joining QR Code (Link to, will be switched over to WP soon)
Seal of ID card approval (CONFIDENTIAL)

This will all be coming within the next month. We will have a donation of a logo designed closely with us to make it very modern and updated so it does NOT run into copyright problems. The main card template will be made, and a few practice versions will be made with sample info, but after that, it’s go time. WE WANT ONLY THE BEST. We believe that when people wear/have these cards, they KNOW they have a commitment to live up to, and that will only come when they see that as they reach into their wallet. People need a sense of feeling saying that they are in this. We are doing that by making cards for you. Without the ID cards, we feel empty. EVEN THE FOUNDERS FEEL EMPTY WITHOUT THEM. THAT IS HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE. The sole producer of the cards is very busy, and costs to make them are low, but there is patience involved, so don’t expect anything really fast and really professional. We will start to deploy cards before the SDP season starts on June 1st, 2014. If you would like to join the Summer Development Program (SDP), go to the Welcome page and fill out the form so we can get you into the program. An update in about a week will be posted to show you an idea of what the cards will look like. Thank you.

What Bullies Want and how to get rid of a bully

What do bullies want? To, have a friend, to be happy, yes and yes but when bullying they want a reaction. When someone bullies you don’t show that It bothers you just simply walk away or ignore them. I know because my own brother bullies me so when he is being mean and trying to make me mad and hurt me I just ignore it and he gets mad and just stops because he thinks it is no longer fun. Bullies try to bully because it makes them feel like they are having fun. Now that I know this trick I would love to share it with the world because it actually works. With this I hope that it will help you get the bully off your back. If it doesn’t, which would be very rare, then you can always let us know, and we will help you as best as possible.

Eric Warnock, G.R.A.B. Ohio

Weather Causes Shutdown Alerts

Winter Storm Ion has been causing shutdowns for G.R.A.B. We had the organization under a certain degree of shutdown for the past couple days, and we are sorry that you were not notified in advance. All future shutdowns will occur with a page showing up on the website that includes all of the codes and what they mean. We have safety before bullying, and we unfortunately have to keep it that way to keep people from getting hurt. Thanks for staying safe during the weather. We sure did!

G.R.A.B. School Manual FINISHED!!!

On Tuesday, December 10th, 2013, G.R.A.B. made a breakthrough for schools across the United States of America. A new, exciting, efficient, and simple manual was made to tackle bullying in schools. This is such a breakthrough because G.R.A.B. started off of a simulation for the topic “Bullying in Schools”, and we made something to conquer just that. This manual, also referred to as the G.R.A.B. School Manual, is full of many different helpful pages of information to run your school with the help of G.R.A.B. to get rid of most of the bullying in your school, with the few bullying instances that don’t get noticed as easily. This manual is $50 for the first copy purchased. ANY purchase made by your school district for the G.R.A.B. School Manual (GSM) after that is $5. The $50 is a one time fee, which covers all the labor needed to make the manual, as well as the basics like ink, paper, and calling support. We will use the money to make G.R.A.B.’s services easier to use, and we might even go .com if we get enough schools purchasing the program, but that depends on YOU. YOU will decide if you want to help this organization to help YOU stop bullying in YOUR school. For questions about this manual, you can text LIVEREP START OHIO to (234) 759-1801, or go to the School Manual page of this website, when it is available, which should be around December 25, 2013. Happy Holidays! Be sure to give us feedback about the snow falling on our websites until January 4th! Thanks!