G.R.A.B. School Manual FINISHED!!!

On Tuesday, December 10th, 2013, G.R.A.B. made a breakthrough for schools across the United States of America. A new, exciting, efficient, and simple manual was made to tackle bullying in schools. This is such a breakthrough because G.R.A.B. started off of a simulation for the topic “Bullying in Schools”, and we made something to conquer just that. This manual, also referred to as the G.R.A.B. School Manual, is full of many different helpful pages of information to run your school with the help of G.R.A.B. to get rid of most of the bullying in your school, with the few bullying instances that don’t get noticed as easily. This manual is $50 for the first copy purchased. ANY purchase made by your school district for the G.R.A.B. School Manual (GSM) after that is $5. The $50 is a one time fee, which covers all the labor needed to make the manual, as well as the basics like ink, paper, and calling support. We will use the money to make G.R.A.B.’s services easier to use, and we might even go .com if we get enough schools purchasing the program, but that depends on YOU. YOU will decide if you want to help this organization to help YOU stop bullying in YOUR school. For questions about this manual, you can text LIVEREP START OHIO to (234) 759-1801, or go to the School Manual page of this website, when it is available, which should be around December 25, 2013. Happy Holidays! Be sure to give us feedback about the snow falling on our websites until January 4th! Thanks!