Happy Thanksgiving from G.R.A.B.!!!!!!

Everyone from G.R.A.B. wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. NOTICE: All online functions will still run, but all call and text lines, as well as email, will not be checked until Saturday, November 30, 2013. Enjoy Black Friday!


New Job Position for G.R.A.B.

G.R.A.B. has decided to lower the bullying patrol position on the list of importance in G.R.A.B., and we decided to add a new position that is specifically for very honest and serious people about G.R.A.B. We have decided to make a new position called Eye In The Sky, or EITS. This new position creates some room for teachers to help out with G.R.A.B. If a student or teacher spots some suspicious activity, bullying, or a problem, they can go to http://grabnow.tk and they can enter the password that was given to them when they signed up, and they can go to the proper link and report the information to G.R.A.B. Servers. Soon, we will try to work out getting a paper version of these forms to give to EITS members, but the papers might propose a threat to G.R.A.B. if they are seen after being filled out. If you would like to join the EITS, you may do so by going to www.joingrab.tk today. Note: This link will not work at all schools, because of the .tk part, which means it is a free website. If you would like to request a link, please text LIVEREP START OHIO to (234) 759-1801.

Tornadoes in midwestern US

(From Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 7:00 pm EST) Recently, a storm hit the midwestern US that was full of tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and very harsh winds. These caused at least 50 mobile homes to be destroyed, tons of damage and debris, and many tornado sirens to go off. G.R.A.B. Ohio went into full lockdown, including closing all doors in the building, shutting down all computers, and going into the basement. This happened from about 3 pm to 7 pm, and the alerts from the National Weather Service were coming all day, so we were ready. The important thing about all this is that nobody has been harmed, and the building is still safe and secure. Tomorrow, the call and text line will be open for G.R.A.B. Ohio, so if you would like to talk to the Ohio Advisor about anything, please text LIVEREP START OHIO to (234) 759-1801 and we will respond as soon as we can. Thank you very much and make sure to follow us on Instagram and twitter @grabnow01, and like us on Facebook by going to http://www.facebook.com/grabwillhelp

G.R.A.B. Will Help Campaign’s first major issue

Recently, we found out that one of our members, who for this post, goes by the name Julia, does not believe in God, and in doing that makes her atheist. We saw this as a major problem, and we will do anything to change around her thoughts. There is a true God, his son did come down to Earth, and his son died on the cross. Good luck to you Julia. We hope to see you in heaven if you end up believing.

Do NOT use www.grabwillhelp.tk

In the recent weeks, we found out that something happened to http://www.grabwillhelp.tk, the same thing that happened this summer to http://www.grabnow.tk, which is very annoying and will cause chaos and hurt our reputation in the future. If you go to http://www.grabwillhelp.tk, you will see an ad. Do not click on the ad, it is not us, and you should immediately call us or text us at 234-759-1801 for any issues with http://www.grabnow.tk. Sorry for any problems, and please only use http://www.grabnow.tk until further notice.