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Website malfunction fixed

Hello again! Our recent website malfunction has been fixed, and the banner will work again. The reason we were able to fix it so quickly is because the banners we had didn’t have 1 selected, which caused a problem. We are planning on changing the banner in April once we establish a new director. The director will be part of the group of people that chooses the new banner. Thank you. 


-G.R.A.B. Technology Staff


Website Malfunction

Hey everyone! Our website’s banner, which is displayed across the top of the website, is malfunctioning on almost all web browsers. We will be removing the current banner to keep the page looking its best, and we will let you know more soon. This is temporary and we have no intention of removing it permanently. Thanks for choosing G.R.A.B. Have a wonderful day!

Winter Paralympic Coverage Cancelled

Recently, a post has been created on here to tell you that we will also be covering the Sochi 2014 Winter Paralympics. We have decided as a whole that doing so would be too much, especially since there is too little advertising of it on TV. It is already day 4, and we haven’t even gotten one thing up about it. Sorry for anyone who relied on us for coverage, but instead, you can go to the people who really keep things updated. Go to to get information. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. 

G.R.A.B. Will Help founder undergoes surgery

On Wednesday, February 26, 2014, our Assistant Director went under a 5 hour surgery on his ear. There was a growth in his ear and it could eventually kill him if it did not come out. In 10 months, another surgery will be done to repair bone structure and restore as much hearing as possible. A giant satellite dish looking bandage has been put on the damaged ear and we have been lucky enough to get a picture of him.


The picture is one that he agreed to take of himself. He feels some slight pain, but not much. There is dissolving foam in the ear that will stay there for a month and hold the surgery in place. Ear drops were prescribed to him to help dissolve the foam. Also, stitches were put in. While everything went on, he was put to sleep. Direct your thoughts towards our assistant director, who has helped so many people and now had people help him yesterday. Wish him luck over the weekend.

Olympic Standings 2/22/2014

In Sochi, you probably know that the 2014 Olympics are going on. LETS HEAR IT FOR TEAM USA!!! We currently have 27 medals, and it is amazing to see everything that happens there. The commercials are also another thing. If you go to the link below, you can find the information about the US Olympic team. Today is Alpine Skiing, Snowboard, and Speed Skating. If you do one of these, or you like to watch them, you might want to watch. You can get the NBC Live Extra App on most app stores and the NBC Olympics App to see all videos about the Olympics. If you have a popular TV provider, you could get unlimited content for saying you have it. It is free to do this. The Olympics are not a small deal. They are a huge deal, and they will be an amazing way to see the world’s athletes. Our people have an amazing goal, and it is awesome to see all the winter sports. Football, baseball, basketball, and soccer are all good sports to watch, but they don’t have any of those in the Winter Olympics XXII 2014 in Sochi, Russia. Link to Olympic website:

Medals: Gold: 9  Silver: 7  Bronze: 11    Current Place: 3rd  First Place: NOR (Norway) with 15 medals

Weather Causes Shutdown Alerts

Winter Storm Ion has been causing shutdowns for G.R.A.B. We had the organization under a certain degree of shutdown for the past couple days, and we are sorry that you were not notified in advance. All future shutdowns will occur with a page showing up on the website that includes all of the codes and what they mean. We have safety before bullying, and we unfortunately have to keep it that way to keep people from getting hurt. Thanks for staying safe during the weather. We sure did!