G.R.A.B. Will Help founder undergoes surgery

On Wednesday, February 26, 2014, our Assistant Director went under a 5 hour surgery on his ear. There was a growth in his ear and it could eventually kill him if it did not come out. In 10 months, another surgery will be done to repair bone structure and restore as much hearing as possible. A giant satellite dish looking bandage has been put on the damaged ear and we have been lucky enough to get a picture of him.


The picture is one that he agreed to take of himself. He feels some slight pain, but not much. There is dissolving foam in the ear that will stay there for a month and hold the surgery in place. Ear drops were prescribed to him to help dissolve the foam. Also, stitches were put in. While everything went on, he was put to sleep. Direct your thoughts towards our assistant director, who has helped so many people and now had people help him yesterday. Wish him luck over the weekend.


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