Shaun White Troubled

Sochi, Russia– In the snowboarding events on the halfpipe, Shaun White is having some troubles as he is battling the conditions in Sochi. In Russia, it is getting warmer, causing some trouble keeping the halfpipe nice and smooth. It is getting slushier, and according to officials, it is the most they have seen people try to keep a halfpipe cold in winter olympics. The way they are keeping the track clean and smooth is by spraying water and then salt over the entire area, freezing the water and then it should be good. But NOT ENOUGH. Shaun White has gotten gold in the event for the last 2 Winter Olympics. He did not make the podium this time. He got 90.25 for a score, and to get on the podium he needed 90.26 to get on the podium. He has tried the YOLO Flip a couple times, and he just lost some balance and precision since Vancouver. He realizes now that he is getting too old for Sochi. He is getting in, doing his thing, and getting out, usually. This time he was in Sochi longer than expected, and that may or may not have anything to do with it. Wish him the best of luck. To see the US standings for the day of Shaun’s troubles, CLICK HERE!


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