What Bullies Want and how to get rid of a bully

What do bullies want? To, have a friend, to be happy, yes and yes but when bullying they want a reaction. When someone bullies you don’t show that It bothers you just simply walk away or ignore them. I know because my own brother bullies me so when he is being mean and trying to make me mad and hurt me I just ignore it and he gets mad and just stops because he thinks it is no longer fun. Bullies try to bully because it makes them feel like they are having fun. Now that I know this trick I would love to share it with the world because it actually works. With this I hope that it will help you get the bully off your back. If it doesn’t, which would be very rare, then you can always let us know, and we will help you as best as possible.

Eric Warnock, G.R.A.B. Ohio


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