New Job Position for G.R.A.B.

G.R.A.B. has decided to lower the bullying patrol position on the list of importance in G.R.A.B., and we decided to add a new position that is specifically for very honest and serious people about G.R.A.B. We have decided to make a new position called Eye In The Sky, or EITS. This new position creates some room for teachers to help out with G.R.A.B. If a student or teacher spots some suspicious activity, bullying, or a problem, they can go to and they can enter the password that was given to them when they signed up, and they can go to the proper link and report the information to G.R.A.B. Servers. Soon, we will try to work out getting a paper version of these forms to give to EITS members, but the papers might propose a threat to G.R.A.B. if they are seen after being filled out. If you would like to join the EITS, you may do so by going to today. Note: This link will not work at all schools, because of the .tk part, which means it is a free website. If you would like to request a link, please text LIVEREP START OHIO to (234) 759-1801.


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