Welcome to the new G.R.A.B. News Page/Website!

Dear reader of this awesome website,

Welcome to the new http://www.grabwillhelp.tk/www.grabnow.tk! As you may have noticed, we have now gotten our old domain back, but we decided to keep the new domain we had as well! So now, you can access this website by either of those websites. We have also gotten an awesome user interface, so now there is an easier to use website, with a built in Bully Report System! We have been trying to do this for so long, and it is amazing we could do it now! If you would like to sign up, we still do not have that built in, preferably so we do not mess up the records, so you still need to go to http://www.joingrab.tk if you want to join, but other than that, it is pretty simple and easy to use! We will soon have a states page that tells you about our states. We will also have a contacts page set up so you can figure out why you are getting random texts all the time from multiple people. If you have a suggestion for this website, please leave it in the form below. Until then, keep stopping bullying!


Matthew Ayers

Technology Coordinator, G.R.A.B.


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